Consumers are increasingly aware of what they should and should not eat to maintain a healthy diet. At the top of their list of considerations are fat and calorie intake. 

The high consumption of fat is a major global concern for public health because it is known to contribute directly to cardiovascular disease and the increase of obesity. That is why health groups and government agencies encourage consumers to limit their fat intake. 

The challenge of developing reduced-fat products without affecting product quality

The development of reduced-fat products without losing the taste of the full-fat  product version is a very challenging task. Enjoyable mouthfeel, taste and aroma are crucial for consumer acceptance and market success. Consumers are not willing to compromise on their eating enjoyment – and fat used in the product formulation can provide these qualities which add to that enjoyment. 

But the reformulation of reduced-fat products is complex because of the potential impact of fat variation on the functional and sensory properties of a product. To respond to consumers' health needs, food companies are looking for new technologies to make healthy foods taste better. 

There is no single ‘golden bullet’ for fat reduction in foods. Reduced-calorie products need a formula rebalance to optimise the mouthfeel, taste and aroma of the flavour; it is a multi-faceted approach. 

In response to these ever-increasing demands, Givaudan has developed TasteSolutions™ Mouthfeel, which includes technologies, knowledge and flavours to optimise the mouthfeel, taste and aroma in your reduced-calorie and reduced-fat products. 

We work in collaboration with you to optimise the flavour profile and ensure maximum performance in your product by leveraging our unique sensory capabilities, putting our flavourists and application teams to work to solve your mouthfeel challenges. 

TasteSolutions™ Mouthfeel are flavour solutions which provide a balanced food formula and enhance the fat perception for your products that consumers want, but without the associated fat and calorie intake. So a healthy product can be an indulgent one too. 

TasteSolutions™ Mouthfeel brings back the mouthfeel, taste and aroma dimensions that your reduced-fat and reduced-calorie product needs. 

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