In 2011, over 15,000 new products were launched in the non-alcoholic beverage category. So there is no doubt that the competition to win consumers is fierce. With such an array of choices, we at Givaudan are aware how hard our customers must work to win market share – and how increasingly demanding consumers are.

Your citrus drinks must stand out by tasting absolutely authentic and natural. They must be healthy, clean-label and additive-free. The bar has been set so high that in order to remain competitive in an already crowded marketplace, you must deliver all this and more.

That is where Givaudan's TasteEssentials™ Citrus programme can help. Where consumers are driving progressive change in the market and creating new challenges for beverage manufacturers, Givaudan is meeting these challenges head-on and driving for 'what's next' in beverages.

Our experts who continue to develop the TasteEssentials™ Citrus programme are in the ideal position to provide the winning taste and flavour solutions you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Our four pillars are the key to our approach to taste and flavour development: we use the knowledge we have built up over 200 years and share it between our colleagues and customers. With the highest percentage of investment in R&D in the industry, our knowledge resources are enviable. 

We are committed to the discovery of new ingredients, technologies and flavours to ensure that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. We make taste treks to the world's finest citrus groves to capture the highest quality flavours at source. 

The world's finest flavourists use their artistry to transform ingredients and create flavours which match the latest market and consumer trends in the beverage industry. And our TasteEssentials™ flavour solutions deliver a reliable performance in your citrus beverage products which push and break new boundaries.

For more information about Givaudan TasteTrek™ Citrus and our TasteEssentials™ Citrus please contact us.